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The Blessings Brought by Mount Hakusan:

Hakusan National Park Yutaro Someya

The Blessings Brought by Mount Hakusan:

Hakusan National Park

Hakusan National Park spans across four prefectures - Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, and Gifu. At its heart lies the Hakusan mountain range, which has long been the object of mountain worship. Known for its heavy snowfall, the mountains receive approximately 600 million tons of snow annually due to the northwestern seasonal winds. While winters are harsh, the melting snow provides abundant water that sustains the thriving life in the villages below. Let us embark on a journey climbing Mount Hakusan and experiencing the mountain life at its foothills, revealing the true essence of mountain worship.

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01 Reverence for Mountains Born Through Climbing

Photographer Hinano Kimoto

Writer Takumi Sakurai


Yutaro Someya
Ministry of the Environment,
Chubu Regional Environment Office,
Hakusan Ranger Office,
Park Ranger

He works at the "Hakusan Ranger Office" and is engaged in maintaining hiking trails and conducting nature conservation activities as a park ranger in Mount Hakusan. This year, as Mount Hakusan National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary, he actively participates in talk events at seminars. Being responsible for the vast Mount Hakusan National Park that spans four prefectures, he leads a busy and active lifestyle, constantly on the move.


Akihide Hirano
As the deputy director of the "NPO Regional Renaissance Agency," he started the small-scale hydroelectric power project in Itoshiro from 2007. He moved from Gifu Prefecture to Itoshiro in 2011 and has been working on natural energy production in cooperation with local residents and newcomers. His wife, Kaori, runs the "Itoshiro Yohinten," the only clothing store in the village.

Takuya Onishi
In 2017, he relocated to Itoshiro and joined the ""Itoshiro District Community Development Council."" He has been conducting nature experiential activities for both children and adults for 25 years, and also handles coordination for observation visits, corporate training, tourism, and relocation in the Itoshiro area. He holds a deep respect for Hakusan Worship and has completed the pilgrimage of the three Hakusan Zenjodo routes in Mino, Kaga, and Echizen. Currently, he is preparing for the publication of his first book.