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"Exploring the Future of National Parks
in the Heart of Japan's Nature"

Chubusangaku National Park Masato Morikawa

"Exploring the Future of National Parks
in the Heart of Japan's Nature"

Chubusangaku National Park

Chubusangaku National Park, home to the Northern Alps, is one of Japan's most renowned mountainous regions. Spanning across four prefectures – Niigata, Toyama, Nagano, and Gifu – the park captivates visitors with its majestic natural beauty, culinary culture, hot springs, and rich historical heritage.
Recently, Chubusangaku National Park has been starting exciting new initiatives.
Through collaborative efforts among different regions, it seeks to offer even more comprehensive ways to enjoy the area while striking the perfect harmony between preservation and utilization.
Join us on an inspiring journey to Chubusangaku National Park with Masato Morikawa from the Ministry of Environment, who is at the forefront of these future-conscious initiatives.

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01 Being a "Visitor" to Nature

Photographer Hinano Kimoto

Writer Takumi Sakurai


Masato Morikawa
Director of Chubusangaku National Park Management Office, Ministry of the Environment

He joined the Ministry in 2009 and was appointed to his current position in 2020 at the young age of 36. He continues to take various actions with his passion and ideas.


Ryoichi Miyashita
He is the owner of the pension "B&B Tengallonhat" in Norikura and the chairman of the Norikura Tourism Association. He also leads the Norikura Kogen Mirise, a project that aims to create a sustainable community for the future of Norikura.

Yuma Fujie
He is the owner of the cafe "GiFT NORIKURA" in Norikura Kogen. He plays a key role within the new generation of Norikura residents who are taking various sustainable actions. Some of the staff have decided to move to Norikura because of this place. NORIKURA」のオーナー。さまざまなサスティナブルアクションを起こしている、乗鞍の新世代代表。スタッフの中には、ここをきっかけにして乗鞍移住を決めた人も。